Because of my job as a family researcher, I have been too busy to take and post photo. My new challenge is to post photos more often: I have so many!

Dolomites (#8)

Lakes close to the Drei Zinnen – Tre Cime di Lavaredo

Fairy forest (#7)

Oyace, Val d’Aosta, Italy

Verbier in Summer (#6)

Verbier, Swiss Alps

Cold Spring (#5)

Alpe Buscagna on a cloudy, cold, rainy day, last Spring. It was worth the trek anyway.

The sky over Massa Marittima (#4)

Massa Marittima: one of the many wonderful Italian historical villages, in Tuscany

While everybody else… (#3)

While everybody else was watching the final of European soccer championship England vs. Italy, I was taking pictures of the Milky Way (without regrets) 🙂

Relaxing sunset (#2)

Sunset on Lake Orta, in North-West Italy

Unmistakable (#1)

Today’s photo portraits the Tre Cime di Lavaredo or Drei Zinnen: the most iconic mountains in the Dolomites

Smokey sunset sky

There were fires, west of Lago Maggiore, in North-West Italy.

Smoke particles filter out the shorter-wavelength colors in sunlight – the greens, blues, yellows and purples – and leave the red and orange colors behind. This is the reason for this shocking sunset colors.

These pictures were not post-processed.